Flexible Work

Interested in a flexible working arrangement? Whether it’s a work day other than "9-to-5", a compressed work week, or telecommuting, taking a structured, formal approach to requesting such an arrangement is recommended -- and our Guide shows you how.  In turn, Harvard encourages all units and departments to consider proposals for flexible work.

Proposals for flexible work arrangements should focus on results, predictability for all involved, how the work will get done without negative impact on co-workers, and on reciprocity (are you willing to come in when needed outside of your altered schedule?).  

It's important to understand that many jobs require employees to be on-site full-time or at regularly scheduled times. Managers and supervisors are not obligated to grant requests, and some units and jobs may not be suited to flexible schedules.

Please refer to the policy statements on HARVie relating to administrative and professional employees and members of HUCTW. Please also talk with your Human Resources department about local policies governing practices, proposals and approvals.