Requesting a Flexible Work Arrangement

The Office of Work/Life Resources offers a sample flexible work request form and a sample flex work proposal as a basis for the discussion between employee and manager. There is no fixed formula for a flexible work request, but general best-practices suggest a written proposal including:

  • The schedule you would like to work
  • The potential benefit to the department
  • An explanation of how the work would get done under the new arrangement
  • A specific plan to address any potential impact on colleagues and clients
  • Proposed methods of communication with co-workers
  • Criteria for measuring the success of the arrangement once it begins
  • Suggestion for a trial period (typically 90 days)
  • The expression of flexibility on your part, i.e., that this is simply a proposal, and you are open to other solutions

For other tips on drafting a flex-work proposal, browse the Articles and Resources on Flex-Work.

Managers and supervisors are not obligated to grant requests. Please keep in mind that some units and jobs may not be suited to alternate work arrangements.