Which jobs are eligible for overtime pay?

There are federal and state laws that govern pay. These laws contain many exceptions, so not all employees are entitled to overtime pay. Employees who are eligible for overtime are called "nonexempt" employees, and those who are not eligible for overtime are called "exempt" employees. If a role is found to be not exempt from the rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), that role is eligible for overtime wages, if the incumbent works more than 40 hours per week (California rules differ and are based on hours worked in a day).

How are jobs graded at Harvard?

Service and trades jobs, largely unionized with hourly rates governed by contracts, can be found in grades 001-043.
 Administrative jobs can be found in grades 047 to 064. In the lower grades of this range, jobs tend to clerical and technical positions that are over-time eligible, hourly, and unionized. 
In the higher grades of this range (grades 056 and above), jobs are individual contributor, supervisory, managerial, or executive positions that are salaried (also called “exempt” from over-time).

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How competitive is pay at Harvard?

Harvard offers salaries that are competitive with Boston-area employers. When combined with our generous benefits, perks, and paid time off, many job seekers are surprised to find a total rewards package that matches or exceeds their current situation. In addition to being externally competitive, Harvard ensures that salaries are internally calibrated through its grading system.