Administrative and Professional Job Descriptions

Harvard’s 5,500+ administrative and professional staff play critical roles in supporting all aspects of the enterprise. Our administrative and professional staff members create and manage the administrative infrastructure, providing professional expertise across a diverse range of job functions, from research and academic administration to athletics, communications, finance, planning, alumni affairs and development, and much more.

To support greater understanding and enhanced visibility of career paths for staff at the professional and managerial levels – for both current and prospective employees – we are developing a Job Framework. The Framework encompasses a set of standards for each Job Function, including core job descriptions, titles, and levels. The Job Framework consists of:

  • Job Functions: Areas of recognized professional expertise and practice in industry or in higher education. A few examples of job functions: Finance, Library, Communications, and Research. Within job functions, there are a typically several Job Families that represent sub-functions or sub-specialties.
  • Job Families: A grouping of similar, related jobs within a Job Function. People in these jobs perform the same kind of work and require different levels of skills and responsibility as they advance from entry- to senior level positions. For instance, within the Finance job function, there are families (or sub-functions) like auditing, accounting, and financial planning and analysis.
  • Job Description: Core duties and responsibilities, level of skill, experience and education required for a job (along with the salary grade). The job description serves as the basis for hiring, and for establishing performance goals and development plans once an employee is on the job.
  • Matrix of jobs: The matrix displays the relative position of various kinds and levels of professional and managerial positions within a job family.

Searching the Job Description Library

To view jobs, first select the Job Function. At present there are five Job Functions available, with more Job Functions added as they are ready.

Job Functions

Faculty and Student Services
Health Care

Hospitality and Dining
Human Resources (additional job families in progress)
IT (additional job families in progress)

Within each of these Job Functions, you can search for job descriptions by:

  • Job family
  • Grade (55-60)
  • Alphabetically by job title*

* Job Descriptions include a Job Title that is part of the framework; departments may also use business titles for local use.

Note: HUCTW bargaining unit jobs are separate from this job description library. They may be found at: