Adoption Resources

The Harvard Adoption Assistance Plan provides up to $5,000 to assist with adoption costs to benefits-eligible faculty and staff. Financial need is not a factor. Only expenses directly related to the legal adoption of a child are valid. This plan cannot be used to cover adoption of your spouse's/partner's child.

To find out more or to get an application, please email

Harvard’s Employee Assistance Program also offers a collection of adoption information and resources.

Exploring Adoption

The decision to adopt comes from many different paths—for some couples, adoption is the next choice after struggling with infertility. Others may wish to add a "waiting child"—including a relative's or partner's—to their family. In increasing numbers, gay couples and single adults are turning to adoption as a way to fulfill the dream of raising a child. The following local, state and national adoption resources can help you learn more.

The Adoption Connection 508-532-1261
Assists in the adoption search process; offers support meetings and workshops.

Adoptive Families Magazine
An adoptive parent support organization and publication.

Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange 800-882-1176
Provides adoption information and referrals. It works with public and private agencies to help find permanent homes for waiting children.

National Adoption Center 800-TO-ADOPT
Refers families to agencies in their communities for home studies. Registers approved families and waiting children with special needs.

National Adoption Foundation Loan Program
Offers programs to provide financial assistance for adoption expenses to qualified prospective parents.

The National Council for Adoption 202-328-1200
Association of private adoption agencies and individuals interested in adoption.

North American Council on Adoptable Children 612-644-3036
Association for adoptive parent support groups.

Adoption Community of New England 978-440-0422
Provides adoption information and support.