Anabela Amaral Pappas

Pantry Steward
Harvard University Dining Services
Harvard Employee since 1981

Anabella Pappas profile

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Harvard?
A: At Harvard I’m able to do what I do best—decorate and create elaborate theme dinners. For example, we just did a beautiful Hawaiian dinner for all the seniors at Harvard. We transformed the dining hall with colorful tables and exotic fruit. At dinners like this, my goal is for the students and faculty members to walk in and feel like they’re visiting another country. Seeing their smiles—that’s what I work hard for and enjoy so much.

Q: What attracted you to Harvard?
A: When I was growing up my father worked at Harvard, and he loved it. He would come home and tell stories about his day. I loved hearing about his coworkers from all over the world. It inspired me. To this day, he still talks about it fondly.

Q: What might surprise people about working in dining services?
A: We get to really connect with the students. It won’t surprise you that we see a lot of hungry football players, and sometimes they get out of practice late. I give them the phone number of the kitchen, and tell them to call so we can save them food for after practice. Years later, a group of players came back for a reunion and one said, “Bella! We’re back, I’m married, and this is my wife.” I was so happy. I make meaningful connections that last beyond dinner, even beyond graduation.