Applying for a job as an internal candidate

So you’ve done the legwork. You’ve taken classes, brushed up your resume, networked, and identified a position you’re interested in. It’s time to take the next active step in your career.

Before You Apply

As you get ready to apply and get into the applicant pool for your next career step, do a quick review by asking yourself these questions:

  • Have I been in my current position long enough to cultivate good relationships and prove my abilities? Hiring managers look for a stable work history. They prefer candidates who have been in their positions for at least 6 months to a year.
  • How strong is my performance in my current job? If your current rating is not strong, think about ways to improve it first. Cultivate a reputation for getting things done while maintaining good relationships.
  • What are my skills, strengths, and passions? Be realistic about your strengths, professional passions, and preferences. They’ll help you recognize potential fit in a job opening.
  • Do I have high-quality, up to date application materials? Have a well-written, relevant resumé and cover letter, and a prepared list of references. Make sure your LinkedIn page is up to date.
  • Am I ready for an interview? You’ll need to be prepared, rehearsed, and appropriately dressed for every interview. Learn as much as you can about the department and the job ahead of time, so you can be specific and enthusiastic about the position.
  • Our Preparing as an Internal Candidate checklist provides additional questions to consider when applying for your next position at Harvard.

When You’re Ready

If you are a current Harvard employee, you can search Harvard Careers, our online job portal, for available positions. When you log in using your HarvardKey, you get a 10-day head start to view most positions before external candidates can see them. This applies to:

  • all open HUCTW positions;
  • most open service/trades positions.

Harvard Careers is updated regularly, so once you’re ready to start your search, check back regularly for new positions. When you identify a position that interests you, review the requirements carefully. If your skills and background match, apply on Harvard Careers.

Remember, you can store several versions of your resume in the portal, tailored to different types of jobs that interest you.