Networking for Introverts (Dec. 2017)

You’ve just received the annual department holiday party invite. What is your reaction?

A. Eager to go to the party to meet people who are new in your department!
B. Excited to connect with colleagues you haven’t seen in a while.
C. Exhausted at the thought of mingling and making small talk.

If you answered C, it could be that you are one of the estimated 48% of people with a preference for introversion. You find it challenging to get up the energy to put yourself out there. Here are tips and resources to help you with networking – at the holiday party and beyond.

  1. Go for quality over quantity. Find the one or two people you really want to talk to and engage in a comfortable conversation with them.
  2. Rely on your listening skills. Typically introverts have exceptional listening skills, so be an active listener.
  3. Some favorite articles recommended by Harvard recruiters and CWD staff
  4. Career Wisdom - Self Promotion for IntrovertsFor a slightly longer read, check out Self-promotion For Introverts - assigned reading for the CWD Networking class.