Upcoming Events

  • 2022 Mar 25

    Quick Tips for Effective Resumes

    1:00pm to 2:00pm



    This session will provide a quick and efficient overview of the key elements to consider when creating an effective resume. 


    • Name the key elements of an effective resume
    • Identify aspects of your resume to strengths
    • Ask questions about writing resumes as time permits

    Audience: Benefit Eligible Employees 

    Pre-Requisite: None

    Cost: None

    Late Drop/Cancel Fee: None...

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  • 2022 Mar 28

    Mindful Movement: Yoga for the Office

    Repeats every week every Monday until Mon May 23 2022 except Mon Oct 11 2021, Mon Dec 27 2021, Mon Feb 21 2022, Mon Apr 18 2022.
    10:00am to 11:00am



    As every office worker knows, sitting for long periods can result in stiffness and discomfort. The gentle stretches and postures taught in this program are designed to increase flexibility at the joints – thereby improving one's range of motion – and also aid in relaxing the hips and lower portions of the body to increase one's ability to sit with ease. Because this practice blends movement in the body with the breath, it is an ideal extension of mindfulness practice.

    No previous knowledge of yoga is necessary. This class does not require special clothing or equipment.

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  • 2022 Mar 29

    Becoming a Coaching Manager (Managers Only)

    9:00am to 12:00pm

    This class meets for 6-hours over 2-days (3-hours each day), with 2-weeks between classes. The interactive session will session will include skill-practice opportunities in a safe environment with manager peers. You will explore the coaching manager’s mindset and practice foundational coaching skills including listening and the use of open-ended questions. Coaching is a reflective conversation focused on leveraging and enhancing the staff member’s skills, knowledge, abilities, and perspective to achieve one’s goals and further engagement. You will be expected to apply concepts between...

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  • 2022 Mar 29

    Navigating Difficult Conversations

    Repeats every month on the 29 of March until Tue Mar 29 2022 .
    9:30am to 12:00pm


    In this 2.5-hour virtual session, we will practice how to deliver a difficult message with poise, empathy and resolve. We will explore the nature of difficult conversations and what it takes to navigate them to generate solutions and tolerate the discomfort that comes with knowing difficult conversations are a part of how we learn and grow.
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  • 2022 Mar 29

    Introduction to Digital Accessibility and Harvard's Policies

    10:00am to 11:30am



    This training introduces and explores basic concepts of digital accessibility and relevant university policies including the Digital Accessibility Policy and the Accessible Technology Procurement and Development Policy.

    No prerequisite experience with accessibility is required. Learn how you and your department can create more inclusive and welcoming...

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  • 2022 Mar 30

    Mindfulness and Anxiety

    12:00pm to 1:00pm



    Occasional anxiety is a natural human experience, but for many people, anxiety can become a source of ongoing distress, capable of interfering with everyday life. Efforts to avoid anxiety may involve distraction or avoidance, but these efforts provide only temporary relief. Mindfulness, on the other hand, offers a pathway to meet the experience of anxiety, and in doing so, restore valued activity, rather than allowing ourselves to be dominated by fear and avoidance. This free workshop will introduce the use of mindfulness as a way to understand and respond to the experience of anxiety...

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