Upcoming Events

  • 2021 Oct 21

    Flexwork Overview for Employees

    Repeats every month on the 21 of October until Thu Oct 21 2021 . Also includes Tue Sep 28 2021, Wed Nov 10 2021.
    12:00pm to 1:00pm



    Harvard’s flexwork guidelines have gone through several iterations to keep them current with the needs of the University and its employees. Now, as we enter a new phase of resuming some familiar practices and experimenting with new ones, Harvard will use flexwork as a dynamic tool both to discover and invent the workplace of the future. The guidelines elaborate on a long-standing practice of flexwork at Harvard, and name emerging questions that will only be resolved over time.

    These sessions are designed to provide a high-level overview of the new policy and updated guidelines...

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  • 2021 Oct 21

    HUECU Webinar - Informes, puntajes y tarjetas de crédito

    5:30pm to 6:00pm



    Un puntaje de crédito alto le permite ahorrar dinero y lo ayuda a alcanzar la libertad financiera. En este curso, analizaremos los informes de crédito y las calificaciones de crediticia, así como la elección de la tarjeta de crédito adecuada para usted.

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  • 2021 Oct 23

    The Art and Science of Frogs

    10:30am to 12:30pm



    Explore the rich diversity of frogs by observing and sketching 3D models printed from Harvard’s research collections. Artist and educator, Erica Beade, will introduce techniques for achieving accurate shapes and capturing volume in your drawings, while herpetologist and researcher, Dr. Mara Laslo, will explain how evolution has generated their amazing diversity. Groups will be limited to twelve, allowing ample time for questions and discussion.

    Members $40/Nonmembers $45.


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  • 2021 Oct 25

    Mindful Movement: Yoga for the Office

    Repeats every week every Monday until Mon Dec 20 2021 except Mon Oct 11 2021.
    10:00am to 11:00am



    As every office worker knows, sitting for long periods can result in stiffness and discomfort. The gentle stretches and postures taught in this program are designed to increase flexibility at the joints – thereby improving one's range of motion – and also aid in relaxing the hips and lower portions of the body to increase one's ability to sit with ease. Because this practice blends movement in the body with the breath, it is an ideal extension of mindfulness practice.

    No previous knowledge of yoga is necessary. This class does not require special clothing or equipment.

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  • 2021 Oct 26

    Harvard Farmer's Market

    Repeats every week every Tuesday until Tue Oct 26 2021 except Tue Aug 24 2021.
    12:00pm to 6:00pm


    Science Center Plaza

    The Farmers' Market at Harvard will open TUESDAY, JUNE 15 for the 2021 season. See the full list of vendors here

    Join us at the market every Tuesday from 12-6pm (*no Market on 8/24), and help support the vital local farmers and food artisans who ensure we have fresh, healthy, safe food!
    We will continue to accept SNAP with a weekly maximum SNAP Match of $15.

    June 15, 2021 - October 26, 2021...

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