Career Development

These classes focus on the key elements of successful career development, a process where employees strategically explore, plan and create their future paths with feedback and guidance from their managers and information and resources from the University.

A sample of topics explored are resumes, interviews and networking along with identification of core values, interests and skills and awareness of professional reputation.

Career Roadmaps

Through this comprehensive program, you will build an understanding of the career management process by looking inward, looking outward, and looking forward. This active 2-day class will cover self-assessment of values, interests, skills and reputation; workforce trends and identification of professional networks; and exploration of options and goal setting. A variety of assessment tools, individual reflection, and group discussion will be used.
Cost: $125

Creating Your Best Resume

This workshop covers the general principles of creating an effective resume, including a discussion of common pitfalls that can prevent you from being selected for interviews. Examples will be used to highlight a clear, focused resume, targeted to specific skills and the experience sought by hiring managers. This session will provide an outline of best practices for writing resumes and participants are encouraged to use provided tools to continue their resume-writing process. The class will conclude with a brief peer review of resumes.
Cost: $25

How to Network at Harvard

In this session, you will explore various ways you can build a professional network at Harvard.  Harvard is a vast place full of interesting people to meet and exchange with and to explore possibilities.
Cost: $0

How to Prepare as an Internal Candidate

This session will provide you with strategies, tips, and resources to be a strong internal candidate. We’ll review how to use ASPIRE, Harvard’s on line recruitment system, with an opportunity to ask questions about the recruitment process.
Cost: $0

Interviewing Skills for Candidates

This workshop will provide guidelines and practice which will help you successfully prepare for interviews. During this session, we will discuss different types of interviews (behavior-based, informational and phone); address what the hiring manager expects from candidates during job interviews, and strategize how best to answer potentially difficult interview questions.
Cost: $25

My First Job, Now What?

For those who are in their first “real” job after school, this session will help you explore what next steps you might consider taking on your career journey.  You will focus on describing your skills and weave in the aspects of work that you find most interesting.  At the end of the session you’ll craft concrete goals to help you move toward your next career opportunity.
Cost: $25

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