Career Wisdom*

Whether you are interested in moving up into a higher grade or staying in your current position while continuing to grow, many staff ask this question: how do I manage and cultivate my career at such a large, decentralized organization?

This page will provide “Career Wisdom” in the form of advice, resources, and best practices and let you learn from Harvard staff members who are successfully managing their careers. The page will be populated with new ideas monthly, so plan to check in regularly.

Career Connections Across Harvard (June 2019)

Career Connections Across HarvardThis annual event brings together staff, hiring managers and HR representatives to support networking and internal career mobility. View a video of the day's panel discussion from the 2019 Career Connections event.

Elevator Pitch (July 2018)

No matter where you are on your career journey, it is important to have an elevator pitch prepared so that when someone you meet says “tell me about yourself” or asks, “what is it that you do?” you can respond with a well thought out answer. This short video explains what an elevator pitch is and shows an example.

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*Career Wisdom is a collection of tips, suggestions, experiences and knowledge from Harvard staff, who share what they’ve learned during their career journeys.