Careers in IT

Data Architect. Digital Media Specialist. Software Developer. Database Administrator. Distance Education Specialist. Cybersecurity Engineer.

At Harvard, we offer a tremendous number of exciting information technology opportunities. Across all of our schools, more than 1,300 employees work to provide students, faculty, and staff with technological access, connectivity, privacy, and security.

Harvard's information technology professionals are committed to understanding our users and devoted to making it easier for faculty, students, and staff to teach, research, learn, and work through the effective use of information technology. We are recruiting an IT workforce that has both breadth in their ability to collaborate and innovate across disciplines, depth in specific areas of expertise and a desire to learn and work in a unique technology landscape and service-focused environment.

By joining our IT team, you’ll work alongside a vibrant team of professionals working with the latest technologies, applications, and devices required to advance our research, support our education and online programs, and keep our data secure and our community connected. And, you’ll be part of the larger Harvard network—one that’s committed to shaping the future of innovation.

If you are a technically proficient, nimble, user-focused and accountable IT professional who also connects with the importance of collaborating well in a team environment we are looking for you!

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Learn more about Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) and the exciting range of IT roles and how IT shapes every aspect of teaching and learning at Harvard.