The Committee on the Concerns of Women at Harvard

Committee on the Concerns of Women at Harvard

The Committee on the Concerns of Women at Harvard (CCW) is a University-wide group, open to all faculty and staff. We strive to improve the professional and academic experiences of women at Harvard and provide opportunities to learn and network on campus through an annual calendar of events. We also provide leadership opportunities through service on our Executive Committee. You do not have to be a member to attend our events. You may subscribe to the CCW Newsletter here.

Our mission is to improve professional and academic experiences for all women at Harvard while celebrating their successes big and small. Women make up a large and important constituency of the University, and the Committee will work to identify women’s concerns within the workplace and address them through education, dialogue, community, and collective action.

Our goals are to:

  • Provide a platform for women to create sustainable professional networks and to foster career development
  • Identify and give prominence to women’s issues at Harvard, including gender diversity and inclusivity, by communicating women’s concerns with university leadership
  • Provide a safe space for women to share their concerns
  • Promote a supportive working environment for women at the university
  • Recognize and promote diversity of gender and identity, inclusivity, and intersectionality in academic and work environments at Harvard and collaborate with other groups across the university

Please read our Charter for more information about the mission and vision of CCW.

Coming Soon! Please check back soon to see a full list of upcoming events 

Executive Committee 2018-2019

Chair - Surabhi Chatterjee (HHR) &  Natalie Beaumont-Smith (HHR)

Communication - Kamille Washington (FAS), Brittany Battista (AA&D), Katherine Connors (AA&D), Melissa Godet (HILT), Karina Grazina (HBS)

Operations - Teresa Malonzo (HHR), Colleen Yout (HGHI), Rachelle Walsh (HKS)

Outreach - Colleen Silva-Hayden (LASPAU), Anna Sangalang (AA&D), Kristen Rae (HBS), Maura James (HKS)

You can find out more about the executive committee HERE