Financial Managers and Reporting Users

Financial Managers (Tub and Org Approvers) and those with the Reporting User role will be able to run a wide variety of reports in Fieldglass. This will aid them in financially managing the contingent workforce spend, and ensuring financial controls.

Financial Guidelines

The Financial Administration has developed financial guidelines that govern the new Managed Services Program (MSP). Some are enabled and enforced in Fieldglass. Others are manual. Here are some highlights.

  • All financial commitments using sponsored funds, and those >$10K using non-sponsored funds, must be approved by an Org Owner. Financial commitments >$250K must be additionally approved by a Tub Owner.  
    • Given that transactions less than $10K can be requisitioned and approved by the same individual, they should be reviewed after they are paid to detect any errors or problems, for reasonableness, and for budget variance.  
    • The School of Public Health has waived special zero-dollar review of sponsored funds when the commitment is below $10K. 
  • Harvard (Oracle) will transmit active, valid chart-of-accounts (CoA) code combinations (called CCIDs) to Fieldglass daily. This will support accurate, pick-list driven coding by users. Only CCIDs for tubs enrolled in the MSP will be sent; selection criteria for which CCID's are sent are in Program Guidelines
  • Corrections, adjustments, and reallocations of costs or costing (coding) must be done in Fieldglass, per the Office of the Controller. The results will be re-transmitted from Fieldglass to Oracle. A guide to making corrections is provided below and on the Harvard Training Portal.

Key Resources