Contingent Workers

Welcome to Working on Assignment at Harvard University

As a contingent worker on assignment at Harvard, you are warmly welcomed to our community – whether you are here for a few days or a few months.  We appreciate the work you’ll do to advance Harvard’s world-changing mission.

Here are some key resources you’ll need.

About Harvard


Please note the Harvard University holiday schedule, which shows days off for most staff and the winter recess each December, when the University is essentially closed.  Although it may vary for individual assignments, usually that means there will be no work on days when Harvard is closed for a holiday, winter recess or due to an emergency. If in doubt, please consult your agency or Harvard manager to clarify expectations about working on those days.

Getting Started/Wrapping Up

Getting startedMany contingent roles at Harvard require you to have an 8-digit Harvard University ID number, which will be assigned to you for life. If you will need one during your assignment, the Harvard hiring manager will specify that, and one will be assigned to you by Harvard Human Resources. Once assigned, it will be visible in Fieldglass in the HUID field. Once you have your HUID number, you may also need the following items:

  • HUID photo ID card, to enter or swipe in to many Harvard buildings. To get a photo ID card (badge), you must visit one of the Harvard University ID offices, know your assigned 8-digit HUID number and bring a government-issued photo ID.
  • Harvard Key, to log in to many Harvard systems.
  • If you are working on campus at Harvard, you will need to meet the same COVID-19 safety requirements as Harvard employees working on campus.  Some requirements need to be met before you start work.  Here is a summary specifically for contingent workers on assignment through the Harvard/DZConneX Managed Services Program. 

Wrapping Up: Please take these steps, if applicable, at the end of your Harvard assignment.

  • Retain your HUID card in case you need it for future assignments.  It will be deactivated at the end of your assignment, but it can be reactivated as needed.   
  • Inform your manager or the office administrator that you have vacated your workspace, and return your keys or swipe cards.  
  • Return your Harvard laptop or device, and any Harvard-issued personal safety equipment, clothing or tools.
  • Provide all work products and the Harvard information/data/files you used while on assignment to your Harvard manager and retain no copies.

Please direct questions about these items to the DZConneX PMO or your agency.

Policies for Contingent Workers

Note: All contingent workers at HUHS, both clinical and non-clinical, must provide a letter of good health, signed by a physician, and documentation that they meet HUHS's Immunization Requirements to HUHS Human Resources on the first day of work, before beginning work. In addition, nurses must present documentation of Basic Life Support (BLS) certification. If required for the job role (true for most other clinical roles), contingent workers must present documentation of CPR certification.

General Workplace Policies that Apply to Contingent Workers

How to