Return To Campus

When the Commonwealth allowed non-essential activities to re-open in a phased manner in the fall of 2020, some Harvard faculty and staff were advised that they should return to work on campus. Others have been working on campus all along, to provide essential services, or have been called back since then for required on-campus work. Some people will be called back to on-campus work in the months ahead, while others have been working remotely since the emergency began and will continue to do so through July 2021. 

Maintaining a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Harvard has developed requirements for safe return to on-campus work, including evolving testing protocols and special requirements for those who have travelled outside of Massachusetts.  All faculty and staff are expected to comply fully with these requirements, as well as related workplace policies, and any official Harvard public health or safety guidance.

We ask that everyone approach compliance with these requirements conscientiously, putting prevention and our responsibilities to each other first. Questions may be addressed to the local HR office.

In circumstances where employees are in clear violation of these workplace policies, Harvard may revoke access to its campus or its buildings, and/or take other disciplinary actions. 

Here is a summary of key requirements for safely working on campus:

  • Before returning to work on campus, you must complete one of the required COVID-19 safety trainings from Harvard’s Environmental Health and Safety Department (on on the Harvard Training Portal, Harvard Key required), and follow these general expectations for safety at work. Some work settings (e.g., clinical, laboratories) may have additional requirements for workers to help ensure their safety.
  • Before or immediately after returning to work on campus, you must get a baseline coronavirus test, from Harvard University Health Services. This is a requirement if you will be working 4 hours or more weekly on campus. Repeat testing is also required, once, twice or three times per week, depending on job role and work environment.
  • Each day you work on campus, you must attest to your well-being using the Crimson Clear mobile app – or a paper-based method if you don't have digital access. More information on Crimson Clear is provided here. Be prepared to show your Crimson Clear pass to gain entry to a Harvard building.  
  • Faculty and staff who feel sick should stay home, and notify their supervisor. Harvard’s temporary policies that allow for expanded and more flexible use of sick time by staff will remain in effect until further notice.
  • Mandatory Reporting – Faculty and staff who are being tested for COVID-19 because of symptoms or known exposure, who are presumed to have COVID-19 and are awaiting test results, or who have received a positive test result for COVID-19, must notify HUHS at, even if they do not receive their care from HUHS/HUGHP. This helps the University assess the impact on our community. 
  • All employees must use face coverings, medical/surgical masks or N-95 respirators as described here, depending on the work setting. Face coverings or masks must be worn on the Harvard campus (1) in public (2) at work in the presence of others, even if socially distanced, and (3) in shared Harvard spaces of any kind, to prevent common area surface contamination from droplets. 

Updated 3/20/21