Andy’s remarkable Harvard career journey

Man in front of chalkboard - Andy Lifelong Learning

A Look Inside CWD: Andy’s Story

Andy Urbina has had a remarkable journey through Harvard since joining the University as a dining services employee a decade ago. Through the Harvard Internal Professional Pathways (HIPP) program, CWD’s Bridge and business classes, and community college, Andy feels he is now where he belongs: part of the accounting team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). He’s not resting on his success, working toward completion of his college degree and pursuing a promotion.

Coming to the U.S. from Peru, Andy had hurdles to overcome. He did not speak English. He was not a citizen. And he aspired to a role in business management that exceeded his professional experiences while in Peru.

Told about CWD’s Bridge by a colleague in dining services, Andy signed up for an English class immediately upon eligibility. While learning English, Andy reviewed Bridge’s other offerings, especially those focused on career growth and finance.

He credits his success to the support of others, especially caring instructors at CWD’s Bridge. He’s not shy about asking colleagues to be honest about his performance, and in turn delivers on a promise to be a great listener and absorb their advice.

Andy has one primary tip for Harvard staff considering CWD: don’t wait. “Don’t make excuses about being too busy. Act now, because waiting does not help you move your career forward.”

Through the support of CWD’s Bridge, he’s now a U.S. citizen. He’s in college (and still taking CWD classes). And he’s working in a job that motivates him every day.