Angelica – learning to build on her strengths for greater growth

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A Look inside CWD: Angelica’s Story

A two-year Harvard employee, Angelica joined the Kennedy School as a Staff Assistant after completing the Harvard Internal Pathways Program (HIPP) through CWD’s Bridge Program; she started her Harvard career as a museum attendant at the Harvard Art Museums. Now, she is immersed in everything that contributes to Kennedy School students’ success, from events and conferences to the Take a Faculty Member to Lunch Program.

While her job experiences at Harvard have been very different, Angelica draws parallels. “I enjoy meeting and engaging with new people and being in exciting and happening places – both my jobs at Harvard have allowed me to do that.”

HIPP enhanced the foundational skills Angelica needed to both understand her strengths and where those strengths could lead her within Harvard. “HIPP showed me what I do well, and how to expand upon those skills. I learned I am detail-oriented and service-oriented, so a position where I interact with a lot of different people and has a high level of complexity was a natural next step.”

Angelica had a clear goal when she started at Harvard: maximize her Harvard career experience. “My museum colleagues told me about the Bridge Program during my first week on the job. I remember emailing the program that same week.”

Angelica feels such a connection to CWD’s Bridge that she has become an active program volunteer. “I have always believed in internal mobility, and the Bridge is a program that nurtures internal talent and pushes its students toward career growth.”