Gabie – intensive work for life-changing results

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A Look Inside CWD: Gabie’s Story

Gabie Diligent, a six-year employee at Harvard works hard at her job as a custodian at the Smith Campus Center, doing everything it takes to keep the building running optimally.

Gabie has worked just as hard since coming to Harvard as participant in the Center for Workplace Development’s Harvard Bridge Program. She complements her custodial job with intensive study at CWD’s Bridge where she studies English as a Second Language, computer skills, and writing and communications. This persistence has paid off: Gabie earned her high school diploma in 2018 as well as her U.S. citizenship while working at Harvard.

She’s is not stopping there. As she continues to unlock her potential, she is exploring career paths and plans to take business and accounting classes next.

Despite her dedication to learning and improving skills via CWD’s Bridge, Gabie is still surprised she has accomplished so much.

“I did not expect to get where I am so quickly! I know this work is improving my life.”

Gabie encourages her coworkers to explore their own potential career paths.

“CWD’s Bridge is life-changing. I feel it’s my duty to tell others about Bridge, so my colleagues can add to their skills and experiences at Harvard as well.”