Kevin’s Career Journey

CWD Stories - Kevin Ball

“People can feel my energy. Encourage your peers to look at CWD – there’s something for everyone.”

A Look Inside CWD: Kevin’s Story

Kevin Ball is on a career journey, and he actively guides that journey with CWD as his partner. Knowing there’s a difference between lifelong learners and non-stop learners, Kevin fits squarely into the latter. Now at his fourth unit within Harvard, as training and program administrator the Harvard IT Academy, Kevin leads an important effort – giving the university’s IT staff the professional skills to make them the best employees they can be. More importantly, focusing his career path on reaching this position should serve as a model for all Harvard employees seeking internal mobility.

Kevin has always had a career goal in front of him, and as his skills and interests changed, that goal evolved. For Kevin, CWD has been a part of his journey and a partner in his success. He did not wait for a manager to create a career path for him. Rather, he set goals, understood what skills he needed to attain the next step in his career evolution, and worked to make it a reality.

Kevin has always been intentional about his career, including choosing which CWD classes would help propel him forward. Kevin believes if you surround yourself with people you want to be around, and build yourself into the professional you are capable of being, great things can happen.

Handpicked for his role at the Academy, Kevin is living proof of that. Kevin took to heart his CWD education – his internal drive and learning-focused nature makes him a natural student and leader – and continues to follow the course content and apply it to his day-to-day work. This is what a true career journey looks like.