Mary Lou – Building A Maximum Impact Team

CWD Stories Profile Mary Lou

“CWD is Harvard’s best kept secret.”

A Look Inside CWD: Mary Lou’s Story

As a senior leader and graduate of Leadership in Action, Mary Lou Townsend knew what CWD could deliver. Mary Lou knows about puzzles. As executive director, global and continuing education at Harvard Medical School, she leads a broad spectrum of business functions and her work entails managing both programming and people.

When she needed to bring her disparate teams together, she turned to CWD, rather than an external consultant, to facilitate a change management effort for her and her staff. CWD’s Organizational Development Consulting team became a partner to Mary Lou and her team in a way that only those with expertise inside Harvard could bring.

The effort succeeded beyond Mary Lou’s wildest dreams. The CWD consultant helped remove roadblocks and allowed Mary Lou’s team to function as one integrated unit.

Now the big picture is clear. Strengths are recognized. And team is at the center of it all, thanks to CWD.