American Policing and Protest


Monday, June 29, 2020, 4:00pm to 5:15pm



The recent brutal police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and the delayed criminal charges in the killing of Ahmaud Arbery have sparked outrage and protests across the United States. As the nation once again confronts police violence against black and brown people and communities while grappling with a long history of public indifference, the Radcliffe Institute will bring together experts to examine the historical roots of policing and responses to state violence. Speakers will discuss contemporary police violence against people of color along with ethical issues that we must consider as we reflect on the current turmoil and attempt to envision how our nation might be transformed.

This program is presented as part of the presidential initiative on Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery, a University-wide effort housed at the Radcliffe Institute.

This event is free and open to the public. Visit the event page to register and to view the full list of speakers.