Balancing Act or Acting Balanced?


Wednesday, January 12, 2022, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



Presented by Gail Parsons, Harvard EAP Partner
This seminar will make you think differently about work-life balance. Is it an ideal worth striving for? A complete myth? One size fits all? It’s time to stop feeling guilty about trying to “have it all” and more importantly, trying to “do it all”. We’ll dig deeper than the basic time management skills, productivity hacks and stress management tips that are commonly featured in blogs and magazines. Our research- based approach will help you understand the keys to personal energy renewal and how it relates to your emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being.

Attendees will:
- Examine unrealistic expectations and challenge long held beliefs about work-life balance
- Consider the role technology plays in your work-life struggle friend or foe?
- Visualize your strengths and vulnerabilities using “The Wheel of Life” assessment tool
- Better understand your unique, personal definition of success
- Explore the science of energy renewal at the personal and professional level

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