Caregiving and Sibling Warfare


Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Cumnock Hall 102, 33 Harvard Way, Boston, MA 02163

Siblings can be our best friends, toughest critics or partners in crime growing up. But once we’re adults, siblings can make caring for an aging parent challenging. One of the greatest sources of stress around caregiving is sibling discord. You think Mom needs in-home care, your brother’s focused on assisted living and Mom doesn’t want any help at all! Sound familiar? How can you and your siblings get on the same page, help Mom find the right care and not get entangled in simmering resentments from the past? Learn how to focus on the present, address sibling conflict, achieve consensus as much as possible, and manage your own stress. Presented by Senior Care specialist Jody Gastfriend.

Audience: All HBS Staff

Pre-Requisites: None

Cost: None Late

Drop/Cancel Fee: None

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