Collections Up Close: The Arboretum Oaks


Sunday, September 30, 2018, 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Oak Collection, Centre Street Gate

The Quercus (oak) collection comprises more than 1,000 individuals and has representatives from over 40 different species, with unique cultivars just waiting for your attention. This collection has specimens from the late 1800's and early 1900's, notable trees along the Peters Hill circuit road planted by the Arboretum's first director Charles Sargent, and at the Peters Hill summit, a Quercus coccinea(scarlet oak) planted in September 2001 to commemorate 9/11. Our current director, Ned Friedman has penned words and photographed the collection, read from his Director's Blog of last fall. And fall, is the perfect time to appreciate the oaks, the diversity of their form, size, leaf shape, bark, and of course, their fruit, the much-loved acorn.

Join us on the slope near the Centre Street Gate. Our Citizen Science, Tree Spotters will have volunteer organizer, Suzanne Mrozak to introduce you to the Program from 1-3pm. At 1:30pm, Arboretum docent, Marty Amdur will give her All Things Oak tour, covering history, growth habits, oak products, and diseases. She will also visit specific trees and recount their stories. Family activities like "acorn mix and match" and "leaf rubbings" will be on tap, and an oak herbarium assembled by Visitor Education staff Regina Mission. The event takes place at the beginning of Oak Path, about about a ten minute walk from the Bussey Street Gate or from the Hunnewell Visitor Center and the main Arborway Gate. Take the T to Forest Hills and enter the Forest Hill Gate and follow signs. If driving, park on the Arborway or on Bussey Street. 

Free! No registration needed. 

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