Continuation: Seasons at the Arboretum


Saturday, September 29, 2018, 11:00am to 11:45am


Hunnewell Building

Artist's Talk, Saturday, September 29, 11am-11:45am

Join us for a talk by photographer, Jim Harrison. Harrison worked for the Arboretum in 2008, photographing the landscape through four full seasons. After that year, he returned, worked at this own pace, and expanded his perspective. For him, the Arboretum became a living, ever changing laboratory in which to explore the simple but fundamental act of observation. His current exhibition is a visual tour of the Arboretum's wonderful, often hidden collections. They are seen through the expert eye and sensitive spirit of Harrison.

Harrison photographed in rain and snow, at dawn and dusk, even working on days when the beauty of the Arboretum seemed less obvious, or in some cases all too obvious. In time,he also began to see plants in relation to their surroundings. The 27 photographs in this exhibition guide you though each season and will encourage viewers to think in new ways about both the place and the process. See Harvard Magazine's special article on Harrison's show.

Free, registration not required

Note: For exhibition availability, refer to Hunnewell Visitor Center hours.