Crimson Kitchen Cooking Class: Tandoori Chicken Tacos with Monsoon Kitchens


Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 2:00pm to 3:00pm



Monsoon Kitchens’s Chef Srinivas Ramchandran will be leading a demo of how to make Tandoori Chicken Tacos and Classic Onion Pakoras! From Monsoon Kitchens Co-Founder, Swati Elavia: "As a small girl in India, the smells of the samosas, pakoras, and other treats that came from my mother’s kitchen to celebrate monsoon season inspired a feeling for the joy that only food crafted with care can bring. Later, my work as a registered dietician taught me that those recipes had been as kind to my body as they were to my taste buds. That realization inspired my mission to replace the restaurant-style Indian foods crowding today’s market with the kind of cleaner, healthier foods served in so many of my native-country’s homes. I welcome you to warm up your own kitchen with a true taste of India."

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