Drawing Daffodils Workshop: Exploring the Botany Behind the Art Bobbi Angell and Beverly Duncan, Botanical Artists


Saturday, April 13, 2019, 1:00pm to 3:00pm


Hunnewell Building

Have you ever dissected a flower? Do you know what a corona and a corolla are? Join botanical artists, Angell and Duncan as they lead you in creating pencil sketches of several varieties of daffodils. You will slice the flowers open to examine and draw their reproductive anatomy. The instructors will explain distinguishing features of the beautiful spring flowers and teach basic terminology to add to your understanding of the diverse botanical world. 

Some pencils will be available, but bring your own if you have them. We will provide everything else, including microscopes. This workshop is for ages 15 and over.

Bobbi Angell and Beverly Duncan are botanical artists who have exhibited widely, including a two-woman show at the Arnold Arboretum in spring and summer of 2018.

This workshop is part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Free, registration required and limited; registration opens March 18.