Exploring the Practice of Mindfulness (Six Week Course)


Wednesday, October 10, 2018, 10:30am to 12:00pm


124 Mt Auburn Street, Room 3314

This multi-week course offers close study in a variety of mindfulness-based topics, including basic practices like the body scan and sitting meditation, as well as walking meditation, gentle stretching, and mindful communication. The physiology of the stress response is examined, especially in relation to the ways mindfulness practice enables individuals to become aware of and mediate their reactions to stressful situations. By the time the course ends, participants will feel prepared to practically integrate a variety of mindfulness practices into their daily lives, thanks to both in-class instruction and resources for continuing study to which they will be directed.

While individuals who have taken mindfulness classes in the past are most likely to be interested in committing to a multi-week course, this course is open to anyone who is interested, regardless of previous knowledge of mindfulness. The basic concepts of mindfulness practice are always included, as these concepts are valuable both for newcomers and also as a refresher for seasoned practitioners. All participants must be able to commit to attending all the sessions. Audience: All, Pre-Requisite: None, Length: 7 hours, 6 weeks (1st & 6th sessions, 90 minutes; 2nd-5th sessions, 60 minutes).

Dates: October 10 through November 14, 2018, Session #1 & #6: 10:30 – 12:00 PM, Sessions #2-5 11:00 -12:00 PM - Location: 124 Mt Auburn Street, Room 3314. Go here to register.

Mindfulness at Work is a series of courses and programs that range from one-hour introductions to in-depth multi-week long courses to topic-focused sessions to managers-only programs. Available to benefits-eligible faculty and staff, these courses and programs are designed to bring the benefits of mindfulness to people in all corners of the university. To learn more, go here.