Flexwork Overview for Employees


Tuesday, September 17, 2019, 12:30pm to 1:30pm


114 Mt. Auburn St. Conference Room 406, Cambridge, MA

Come learn about Harvard's University-wide flexwork guidelines and what the essential ingredients are of a flexwork proposal. Other aspects including, how to assess your manager’s attitude about workplace flexibility; the timing of conversations with your manager; when and how to avoid getting into the personal considerations behind the proposal; and how to identify ways to evaluate the success of an arrangement after a trial period will also be reviewed.  Issues of trust, brave conversations, transparency, and fairness will be discussed. Bring your lunch if you’d like, to these lunchtime sessions.


Optional pre-work includes a review of the online guidelines at https://hr.harvard.edu/flexwork


Audience: All benefits eligible employees

Pre-Requisites: None

Cost: None

Late Drop/Cancel Fee: To assist us in planning, please drop the class if you find you cannot attend. Thank you. 


Please email worklife@harvard.edu with any class questions and trainingportalhelp@harvard.edu with any technical questions or issues.


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