Full-day Mindfulness Retreat


Tuesday, October 29, 2019, 9:00am to 4:00pm


114 Mt. Auburn St. Conference Room 406, Cambridge, MA

Individuals who have established a regular meditation practice recognize that having the opportunity to practice for a sustained period of time, in a location generally removed from distractions, and with other like-minded individuals, is essential to deepening one’s practice and understanding of mindfulness. 


Modeled after the programs offered at established retreat centers such as the Insight Meditation Society in Massachusetts, this half-day retreats offer participants sustained periods of practice in a variety of meditation styles, such as the body scan; sitting and walking meditation; gentle yoga; and compassion-based practices. During the majority of the retreat, participants will be asked to practice in silence, and not interact with one another, so as to maintain each participant’s ability to focus on their own experience. The instructor, however, will offer guidance throughout, and will also reserve ample time at the end of the program to field questions. 


While it is recommended that only experienced practitioners attend these retreats, we will begin with a refresher on mindfulness in general, so that everyone begins on the same page. (Please note, however, that individuals who have developed practices which happen to have lapsed need not hesitate to register!) 


Participants do not need to wear special clothing, but should dress comfortably. If participants have personal “equipment” which they like to use at home—e.g. meditation cushions or benches—they should be encouraged to bring it. While no “floor yoga” guidance will be provided, participants may like to bring in a yoga mat to facilitate the practices which will be offered. 


Audience: All benefit-eligible employees and managers who are mindfulness practitioners

Prerequisite: None

Cost: None

Late Drop/Cancel Fee: To assist us in planning, please drop the class if you find you cannot attend. Thank you.


Please email trainingportalhelp@harvard.edu with all technical questions or issues and direct class content and logistics questions to worklife@harvard.edu.


Learn more and register on the Harvard Training Portal. Find class information here.