Innovating in the Workplace: Supporting Mental Health of Young People of Color During COVID-19 and Beyond


Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



Even prior to the coronavirus pandemic, young people of color in the United States faced daunting challenges, which are significantly highlighted when navigating the workplace. Along with the hope and pride of having achieved a higher education degree, young people of color are faced with increased professional stress, particularly now. At alarming rates, jobs and internships are disappearing and unemployment rates among people of color are increasing. It is no surprise that due to these factors, combined with the impacts of systemic racism, we are seeing higher rates of depression, anxiety, and trauma-related symptoms in people of color.

Now, the pandemic has exacerbated many existing disparities and has delivered new ones. People of color are impacted in more drastic ways by COVID-19 than others. Such harrowing differences can undermine the mental health of young people of color, particularly as they set off to establish or maintain careers in an economy strained by the pandemic. Support for young people in the workplace is more critical than ever, and employers are well-positioned to take action. Please join us to explore mental health factors employers should consider, along with solutions and strategies for promoting mental health in today's landscape and creating a supportive workplace for young people of color.

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