Leadership Session: Reflecting, Influencing, and Taking Action (4-week course)


Thursday, March 4, 2021, 10:00am to 12:00pm


This four-week, cohort program is designed for non-exempt staff to understand and expand your role as a leader. The focus will center on using leadership competencies to respond to current and future challenges. This includes dedicated time for understanding both yourself and others, learning skills to influence others, and increasing your ability to take initiative. You will create an action plan with goals for in-place development (e.g. stretch assignments) by the end of the session.
You Will Learn:
  • To reflect on work styles and productivity limitations
  • To increase your sphere of influence and productivity
  • To build relationships and learn with and from peers across the University
Attendance in all four sessions and active participation is required (cameras will be in continuous use).
Audience: Benefits-Eligible non-exempt grades 56 and below
Pre-Requisites: None 
Cost: none 
Late Drop/Cancel Fee: none 
Please email cwd_hldp@harvard.edu with any questions.
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