The Main Vein: Observation and Drawing of Leaves, an Artists' Workshop in conjunction with: Impressions of Woody Plants: Disjunction, Two Artists, and the Arnold Arboretum


Saturday, June 9, 2018, 2:35pm


Hunnewell Building

Copper Etchings by Bobbi Angell and Watercolor Paintings by Beverly Duncan

How do we distinguish one leaf from another? Is the pattern of the veins and shape of a leaf a puzzle from our very first observation? In this workshop, you will learn some terminology and some distinguishing characteristics of leaves, which will help you identify species and understand growth habits.
First up is a short walk in the Arboretum landscape to observe the way leaves hang on a tree and how they are attached to a branch. Then you will come inside and work with a collection of leaves. Sketching techniques will be taught by Angell and Duncan on how to draw accurate representations of leaves.
Botanical artists Angell and Duncan have both taught many classes and guided students to a better understanding of leaf forms, including the venation patterns, outer shape, lobes, and teeth. 

Handouts with terminology and leaf forms will be available.

Bring your pencils, erasers, pens and a sketchbook. Extra supplies will be available.


Free, registration is limited and required

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