Mindful Parenting (Age 0-10)


Wednesday, May 25, 2022, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



Bringing mindful attention to our skills as parents increases our capacity to form strong bonds with all the members of the family. This is because the practice of mindfulness cultivates the conditions of openness and receptivity in which communication and emotional connection naturally flourish. In this workshop, participants will learn about becoming more mindful people as well as more mindful parents, able to navigate the inevitable waves of joy and frustration that accompany every parent’s experience with a greater sense of ease. This session will focus on the age groups 0-10.

Prerequisites: Either you have attended an “Introduction to Mindfulness” workshop at Harvard; you have completed “The Basics” course on the Ten Percent Happier app (available for free to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff); or you have a well-established personal mindfulness practice.

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