Mindful Strategies for Managing Cyber Stress


Thursday, January 16, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:30pm


Countway Library, Longwood Medical Area

Have you ever impulsively clicked on a link and then had that sinking feeling that…maybe you shouldn’t have? Our daily lives are packed with digital decision-making. Whether shopping, investing, paying bills, or checking social media in our personal space, or using Harvard systems and applications to fulfill our professional responsibilities, we spend a significant portion of each day online. Computer fatigue and psychological stress often result, leading us to act impulsively to be prompt, efficient, and responsive. Added to this is our awareness that Harvard is a high profile target for malicious phishing, we remain on high alert as we manage our critical and often time-sensitive emails. Not surprisingly, research shows that tired and stressed individuals are more likely to exhibit thoughtless and risky online behaviors. 


In this course, we will explore a mindful approach to managing your daily digital onslaught. Doing so will help you remain focused, creative, and resilient.


Audience: All Benefits-Eligible Faculty and Staff

Pre-Requisite: None 

Cost: None 

Late Drop/Cancel Fee: To assist us in planning, please drop class if you find you cannot attend. Thank you 


Please email trainingportalhelp@harvard.edu with all technical questions or issues and direct class content and logistics questions to worklife@harvard.edu.


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