Mindfulness 2.0 Deepening Practice (4-week course)


Tuesday, November 5, 2019, 11:00am to 12:00pm


114 Mt. Auburn St. Conference Room 406, Cambridge, MA

Individuals who have previously participated in the multi-week mindfulness course or many of the individual applied mindfulness course, and who are now looking to expand their understanding of the principles and practices of mindfulness even further, are a perfect fit for this free course, which emphasizes practice and delving into students’ questions.


In Mindfulness 2.0 a greater weight is placed on integrating a range of mindful practices into the fabric of daily life, and to examining how those practices can work together to provide insight into how an individual relates to themselves and the world around them. Mindfulness 2.0 is specifically driven by student inquiry, so its content is always personalized to the specific interests and concerns of the group. Aside from sitting meditation, movement practices, and mindful communication, material that will be covered includes the compassion practice known as loving-kindness meditation and probing the common challenges to engaging in mindfulness that every practitioner faces, at one time or another.  


Mindfulness 2.0 is ideal for individuals who are looking to re-start their lapsed mindfulness practice, or who are looking for ways to take their regular practice to the next level.


Audience: All benefit eligible faculty and staff

Prerequisites: Exploring the Practice of Mindfulness is optional. Having experience in the practice of mindfulness is required.

Cost: None

Late Drop/Cancel Fee: To assist us in planning, please drop the class if you find you cannot attend. Thank you. 


Please email trainingportalhelp@harvard.edu with all technical questions or issues and direct class content and logistics questions to worklife@harvard.edu.


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