Mindfulness Practices for Burnout Relief


Tuesday, April 12, 2022, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



The literal definition of “burnout” is this: “The reduction of a fuel or substance to nothing, through use or combustion.” However, as every individual knows, burnout is not just a scientific phenomenon—it’s what happens when inner resources become depleted, and no spark is left to start them up again. It’s no surprise this should sometimes be the case when daily work life and family life collide in what feels like a persistent energy burn, and the path towards refilling one’s supply of resilience is not always clear. In this training, we will explore how the essential foundations of mindfulness practice can lend us energy while simultaneously allowing us to cultivate and sustain a sense of calm. We will investigate the capacity to choose responses to challenges in a conscious, empowered way, instead of being swept off into a pattern that contributes to stress and reactivity. In service of these goals, participants will learn guided meditation practices applicable to their daily lives.

Either you have attended an “Introduction to Mindfulness” workshop at Harvard; you have completed “The Basics” course on the Ten Percent Happier app (available for free to all benefits-eligible faculty and staff); or you have a well-established personal mindfulness practice.

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