Next Gen Success = Harvard Success: Inclusive Practices for Supporting First-Gen, Lower-Income Students In and Beyond the Classroom


Tuesday, November 10, 2020, 12:00pm to 1:00pm



Join members of the Harvard Next Gen Initiative to learn more about their Harvard Culture Lab Innovation Fund pilot program that consolidates, aligns, and enhances Harvard’s institutional supports for Next Gen student populations (predominantly first-gen, low-income students) in and beyond the classroom. This session presents an overview of the Next Gen student population, pedagogical tools that promote Next Gen Student Success, and how each one of us plays a role in strengthening Harvard’s commitment to inclusive excellence.

Amanda Sharick, PhD, Project Lead for Next Gen Initiative and Senior Program Manager for the Harvard Graduate Commons Program.

Shandra M. Jones is the NGI Curriculum Development Lead and a PhD Candidate concentrating in Human Development, Learning & Teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Her research focuses on how adolescent and young adult cultural and psychological assets support post-secondary student success in the face of structural, systemic and contextual barriers.

Becca Spindel Bassett is a NGI Curriculum Development Fellow and PhD Candidate in education at Harvard, with a concentration in Culture, Institutions, and Society. Her research combines a sociocultural and organizational approach to explore how American universities can design and implement programmatic, academic, and organizational changes to ensure first-generation, low-income students not only reach, but complete college.

Danny Rojas is a NGI Curriculum Development Fellow and doctoral candidate in Education Leadership at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. The son of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Danny completed his undergraduate studies at Northeastern University and later served as both classroom teacher and district-level leader in the Houston Independent School District.

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