Sci-fi Movie Night - "Fantastic Voyage"


Thursday, April 7, 2016, 7:30pm


Phillips Auditorium, 60 Garden Street, Cambridge

The brilliant scientist Jan Benes (Jean Del Val) has developed a way to shrink humans, and other objects, for brief periods of time. Benes, who is working in communist Russia, is transported by the CIA to America, but is attacked en route. In order to save the scientist, who has developed a blood clot in his brain, a team of Americans in a nuclear submarine is shrunk and injected into Benes' body. They must race to fix the clot and get out before the miniaturization wears off. Cardiologist Dr. Mario Motta will grade the medical science and physics portrayed in this legendary science-fiction adventure.

No reservations are necessary, but seating is limited to the auditorium's capacity. Admission is free. 

For more information, including accessibility, or to sign up for the events mailing list, call the Public Affairs Office, (617) 495-7461 or email Please request sign-language interpretation at least 2 weeks before the event. Current sky information is available.

Entrance is at the west of the CfA complex, near Madison Street and large parking lot. The CfA is easily reached by public transportation. From the Harvard MBTA Station (Red Line), take any bus or trackless trolley going west on Concord Avenue (Arlmont Village and Belmont Center buses, Huron Avenue trolleys) and get off at "Observatory Hill."