WorkingMind (Eight Week Course)


Wednesday, September 19, 2018, 9:30am to 12:00pm


114 Mt. Auburn St. Conference Room 406, Cambridge, MA

This is a unique training opportunity designed to teach techniques of mindfulness to managers (grade 56 and above) for use in their daily work. This eight-week, classroom-based program provides mobile tools, guided meditations, small group support and weekly reminders to participants as they learn to practice meditation and other techniques to enhance focus, collaboration, and effectiveness. Pre- and post- attentional assessments, app-generated metrics and personalized reports will demonstrate participants’ progress and the impact of the program as a whole.

Participants will attend weekly classroom sessions. In addition, participants should plan for 10 minutes a day of meditation practice. Participants will be assigned weekly theme-based applications of mindfulness activities to use in the workplace as real-life situations emerge naturally throughout the day. At the first and final sessions, individual attention and more will be measured using validated instruments, which will generate a confidential personalized report. All participants must be able to commit to attending all the sessions. Audience: Managers grade 56 and above, Pre-Requisite: Any one of the Mindfulness programs offered, or a current practitioner of Mindfulness, Length: 13 hours, 8 weeks (1st & 8th, 2 hours; 2nd-5th, 90 minutes) Participation Maximum: 25

Dates: September 19 through November 14, 2018, Session #1 & #8: 9:30 – 12:00 PM, Sessions #2-7 10:30 -12:00 PM - Location: 114 Mt Auburn Street, 4th floor Conference room 406. To register, go here.

Mindfulness at Work is a series of courses and programs that range from one-hour introductions to in-depth multi-week long courses to topic-focused sessions to managers-only programs. Available to benefits-eligible faculty and staff, these courses and programs are designed to bring the benefits of mindfulness to people in all corners of the university. To learn more, go here.