Can we employ Occasional High Hour Contingent Workers (OHHCW) through the Harvard/DZConneX Managed Services Program (MSP)?

No, for overtime eligible work that would be done by a union member if on our direct payroll. The use of OHHCW’s through the MSP is inconsistent with the HUCTW contract, and too complex to administer due to the need to track hours per year, weeks per year and consecutive weeks. Here are some alternatives.

  1. For in-state (Massachusetts) work that has requires occasional high hour work, with no tenure limit, the worker may be hired on the Harvard temporary payroll (Empl_Class T) in the Job Code 700012.
  2. For in-state work that has a consistent, low level of effort of 14 hours per week or less, the MSP offers two job templates (one for an Administrative Assistant I, and one for an Administrative Assistant II) in Fieldglass, each with a term of 18 months renewable.
  3. For in-state work that is sometimes or always >14 hours per week, the MSP offers numerous clerical jobs with a 3 month tenure limit.
  4. For out-of-state work, the MSP offers numerous recruited and payrolled overtime eligible jobs with an 18 month term that is renewable. There is no limit on hours worked, but the jobs are OT-eligible and thus must be paid at 1.5x the regular rate after 40 hours in a week.