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If I take an absence that my manager has not yet approved, will my pay be reduced in some way?

No, late reporting or approving of absence requests will not reduce pay, but it is likely to delay financial reporting of the absence and the subsequent reimbursement from the central funding pool of vacation time.

Also, if you’re at your maximum vacation amount and take time off, but that absence doesn't get reported or approved, vacation accrual for that month will not be added to the total. It will appear to be forfeited. (Although this can be corrected retroactively.) 

What if I need to change an approved absence request?

If you submit an absence request for, but decide you will not be taking the time off:

  • For a future week, you can cancel the request yourself in PeopleSoft.
  • For the current week, ask the person who approves your time to cancel the request. Please contact your manager by noon on Friday.

What if I forget to enter a vacation or sick day?

 If you did not report an absence for a prior week:

  • If the absence was less than 60 days ago, contact the person who approves your time.
  • If the absence was more than 60 days ago, contact your department's absence administrator.

Can I enroll in the Harvard Tax-Deferred Account (TDA) at any time or do I have to have a qualifying event?

You can enroll in the TDA plan at any time. Current employees are encouraged to visit the TDA page, which has all of the details, including the contact information for the Harvard University Retirement Center.

Please note that new faculty and administrative and professional staff members are automatically enrolled in a TDA (with the option to cancel or change) after 60 days of employment. You will receive an TDA information package from the Harvard University Retirement Center (HURC).

I signed up for my T-Pass but have not received it yet – why not?

It can take one or two cycles before you receive your first pass, depending upon when in the month you sign up. You may contact WageWorks at 877-924-3967 to check when you can expect your pass to start. It is also possible that  you T-pass may have been delayed in the post office or there may be a problem with your address. Please contact Harvard CommuterChoice, 617-384-7433 or by email or WageWorks, 877-924-3967 with questions.

I’ll be eligible for TAP by the time classes begin – can I register for classes and use TAP now?

No. In order to register for a class using TAP, you must have met the eligibility and wait period requirements. Before signing up for any class, it is important to review the information found in the TAP booklet; current employees may also learn more on the Tuition Assistance page.

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What is the difference between a Health Flexible Spending Account and Harvard’s Co-Pay Reimbursement Benefit?

Eligible Harvard employees have two types of reimbursement accounts to help cover eligible healthcare expenses. The Flexible Spending Account is an employee-funded, tax-preferred account available to all employees and can be used to cover many kinds of eligible out-of-pocket health expenses; you must enroll in this benefit. The Co-Payment Reimbursement program only covers co-payments above certain thresholds and is only available to employees earning less $95,000; you do not need to enroll in this benefit.

I just enrolled in my benefits – when will I receive my new ID cards for my medical plan, dental plan, vision, etc.?

You will receive your (benefit) ID cards approximately two to three weeks after you make your online election. They will be sent to your home address directly from the insurance carrier you have selected. You will receive a separate card from Express Scripts for prescription coverage. In the event of an emergency prior to the issuance of the cards, please contact the Benefits Office.

Please note: Express Scripts, Delta Dental and Davis Vision will not provide a card in the name of a covered dependent, although they will provide a duplicate card with your name on it for a...

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