Do the suppliers pay the contingent workers based on approved time or reported time?

Whenever possible, the suppliers pay the workers on assignment at Harvard based on approved time for the prior week.

If the Harvard manager has not approved time for the prior week, it is sometimes necessary for the supplier to pay the worker based on reported time. They do this to comply with state payroll laws that require prompt payment of workers for the time that is reported to have been worked.

In general, the suppliers in the Managed Services Program conduct weekly (or more frequent) audits to reconcile reported, approved and paid time. They may discover that paying based on reported time has resulted in an over- or underpayment of the worker. This requires a payroll adjustment in one or more subsequent weeks – for example, in order for the contingent worker to “pay back” an overpayment. For this reason, Harvard managers should review and approve time reported in Fieldglass for the prior week by Tuesday at noon.

To further clarify, Harvard pays DZConneX based on approved time only. (DZConneX then pays the suppliers, who pay the workers.) However, the supplier must pay the worker promptly, regardless of payments between Harvard, DZConneX and the supplier.