How do I select Harvard chart of account values to split-code a job that is charged to multiple account codes?

Job postings may be set up to be split-coded for initial budgeting and approval purposes. 

To do this, while in the “Cost Allocation” section of a job requisition, select +Add Segmented Object Detail to add Object Code, Fund, Activity, Sub Activity, and Root.  One of the cost strings will need to be selected as the Primary, and Allocation percentages will need to add up to 100%.

Cost Allocation example

Once the Work Order is finalized and the assignment is underway, these cost strings will “flow down” to the associated timesheets and be available for the contingent worker to select when reporting time each week.  The contingent worker will need to know how to allocate his/her time across available costing strings, and may need guidance from the Harvard manager.

A separate job posting will need to be created if the costing needs to be split-coded across tubs.