How can I increase my odds of getting a slot at one of the on-campus child care centers?

Provide accurate information. We rely on accurate information entered into the online application system to be able to contact families. Please be sure to enter all relevant information carefully and completely. Please be sure to include an HUID, if applicable. If you do not yet have an HUID, please be sure return to your application and provide it as soon as you can. If you are new to Harvard as a staff or faulty member or degree student and do not have a Harvard ID number, you can contact the Office of Work/Life and forward your offer letter to make sure the appropriate tier is applied before you arrive on campus.

Apply early. It’s a good idea to apply as soon as you know you will need care, whether you are expecting a baby or moving to Harvard. But please note, even if you are applying “late,” don't assume that every center is full and that it’s not worth applying. Harvard's population is very mobile and things can change quickly.

Apply to several centers. While you should not apply to centers that would not work for your child or your family, your chances of finding a match are better if you apply to several. 

Stay flexible. At centers where there are several possible schedules, the more flexibility you have the better your chances of getting an offer.