How is overtime calculated for contingent workers?

Non-exempt (overtime-eligible) contingent workers will be paid at straight time for the first 40 hours worked each week, and at the overtime rate (1.5 x the straight time rate) for all time worked >40 hours in a week at Harvard.

Because Fieldglass will not calculate which hours should be reported (or paid) at straight time and which at overtime, time approvers need to make sure that contingent workers in this category correctly report hours at straight-time versus overtime. Yoh will also audit weekly for this.

If the role is defined as an “exempt computer professional,” then all reported hours will be paid at the straight time rate.

Contingent workers are instructed to obtain manager approval (by asking verbally or in writing) before working more than the usual schedule or overtime. At the beginning of any assignment, managers should clarify with each contingent worker how many hours per week they are scheduled (and budgeted) to work.