Is there any financial aid available to help pay for child care?

Some of the child care centers are able to make a limited amount of internally generated financial aid available each year. Consult individual centers for more information.

Benefits-eligible faculty, staff and postdocs may be eligible for one of several child care scholarship programs. Please go here for more information.

There is currently no child care funding available for students.

How can I increase my odds of getting a slot at one of the on-campus child care centers?

Provide accurate information. We rely on accurate information entered into the online application system to be able to contact families. Please be sure to enter all relevant information carefully and completely. Please be sure to include an HUID, if applicable. If you do not yet have an HUID, please be sure return to  your application and provide it as soon as you can.

Apply early. It’s a good idea to apply as soon as you know you will need care, whether you are expecting a baby or moving to Harvard. But please note, even if you are applying “late,”… Read more about How can I increase my odds of getting a slot at one of the on-campus child care centers?

What are my chances of getting a place at one of the on-campus child care centers?

The child-care centers are very popular and receive many applications. Certain classrooms may fill up quickly. Even if you are applying “late,” however, don't assume that they are full and that it’s not worth applying. This is a very mobile population and things can change quickly. The Office of Work/Life encourages families to apply to a center they might be interested in, while also educating yourself about other options.

What are the differences among the on-campus child care centers?

Each of the child-care centers was founded under different circumstances at different times. Their physical spaces, population served, geographic location and original charters have contributed to shaping the organizations. There are some obvious differences: For example while they are all parent-governed programs, two centers are co-operatives, meaning parents are required to contribute to daily operation of the center, and the other four are not. One center serves hot lunch. Each center has a slightly different schedule and calendar. Their buildings and outdoor spaces vary. But beyond… Read more about What are the differences among the on-campus child care centers?

How do I apply for a place at an on-campus child care center?

You may apply to one or more child care centers using the online application system. The link is available from any one of the centers’ enrollment or application pages (you can find the centers' website links here). Please note that this online application has been designed as a convenience for families. Data entered into this application sits on a secure Harvard server, but child care centers make all enrollment decisions.

How do the on-campus child care centers decide who gets a space?

Each center offers spaces to current families first, giving returning children and siblings priority. Preference is then given to Harvard affiliates according to a tier system. Harvard faculty who are eligible for the ACCESS Program are considered Tier 1A and have priority enrollment on up to half of child care center slots. Preference is then given to other benefits-eligible faculty as well as benefits-eligible staff and postdoctoral fellows on a regular Harvard payroll, and active degree students, all of whom comprise Tier 1.… Read more about How do the on-campus child care centers decide who gets a space?

How often is the ASPIRE system updated?

Jobs are added and removed every day, throughout the day. Job listings remain on ASPIRE until the position is filled or the requisition is closed. If you can view a job listing, the hiring department is still accepting applicants. When searching for jobs, sort by the Date Updated field to find the most recently posted positions.

How can I learn the status of my (employment) candidacy?

Recruiters and hiring managers are constantly reviewing resumes. If your background and experiences are a strong match for the position(s) to which you are applying, the hiring manager or human resources manager will contact you for a phone or in-person interview. Please understand that the resume review process takes time due to the high volume of resumes that we receive. If your candidacy is declined because you do not meet the basic qualifications for the job, or your qualifications are not as strong as other candidates in the hiring pool, you will be informed via an automated… Read more about How can I learn the status of my (employment) candidacy?