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Can I add files to my application after it has been submitted?

Yes, you can upload files to your submitted application. Locate the application to which you wish to add files by navigating to Your Account > Dashboard > Submitted Applications. Click on the "Add Files" button and upload the files. Please note, you will not see these files in your actual application since they were submitted after the fact. You can locate these additional files by navigating to Profile > My Files. 

What is the cost of hosting an SYEP intern in my department?

All departments are responsible for paying their student during the summer. The SYEP team does not have a set hourly wage that interns must be paid, however, at a minimum, students will be paid minimum wage. The team highly encourages managers and departments to pay even $1-$2 more per hour, if possible, as it makes a large difference to the student interns. In total, for the entire 6-week program for a full-time internship opportunity (35-40 hours), the...

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If I upload a new profile in Harvard Careers, will my previously saved information be removed?

Yes. Anytime that you click the upload profile button in Harvard Careers, you are indicating to the system that your currently saved profile is outdated. Therefore, the new profile (resume, i.e.) will overwrite any current information and fill those fields with information parsed from the profile you are uploading. If you are just looking to attach your resume to the application, do so on the next page where the system asks for attachments. If you overwrite your profile, you will need most likely need to edit the information to ensure it parsed correctly. No previous profiles can be retrieved.

Can I use the back button on my browser to go back in the application to a previous page?

No. Once an application has been started, you can only move forward in Harvard Careers. The back button will direct you out of the application (losing any progress) and back to the job description. In order to make edits, continue through the application until you hit the "Review" page. This page allows you to read over all sections of your application and go back to edit any (utilizing the pencil icon button) before submittal.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

The title of the hiring manager will occasionally be posted on a job description. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to inquiries with specific hiring manager contact information. 

How do I hire/onboard my intern?

All student interns will need to complete to come on campus to fill out an I-9 with their local HR office at least 2 weeks prior to their start date. This will ensure all onboarding is completed by the start of their orientation. Once complete, it should be sent to Central Payroll. The student can then be hired as a temporary HS student worker in PeopleSoft (job code 700035). At that point, an HUID is generated. Students will then be paid weekly as temps. Their paychecks may be mailed to their home address, work address, or they can set up direct deposit in PeopleSoft.... Read more about How do I hire/onboard my intern?